Representation of interests and networking - 10%  

It is in the best interest of the Dutch AGF chain that standards are implemented optimally. Frug I Com represents the interests of the chain, both in the Netherlands and abroad. To this end, the company needs to have access to active networks throughout the chain.

Promotion - 25%  

We also promote standards for the chain and its companies. We do this not only for individual entrepreneurs but also for sector organisations, governments, audit agencies and the like.

Offering guidance and support to chains - 40%  

For companies, making the change to new standards is a complex process. Frug I Com offers guidance and support to entrepreneurs making this change. During the process it is essential that Frug I Com offers assistance in making the benefits visible and quantifiable at company level. The emphasis lies on doing this within a limited number of practical situations in which the whole chain is involved. This will result in practical solutions which may serve as test cases for the sector as a whole. Throughout, we are concerned with products that find their way from grower to retailer.

Monitoring, analysis and gathering knowledge - 20%

We closely monitor how the chain, market and standards develop – then we analyse the effects this has on the sector. Because knowledge plays a crucial role when implementing standards this procedure directs the activities of Frug I Com. Frug I Com gathers knowledge in co-operation with several knowledge institutes. Subsequently, knowledge is recorded and safely stored. Finally, knowledge is made available to the entrepreneurs in the chain.