Some organizations have Frug I Com formed and shaped. These are the founders. These are also represented in the Frug I Com administration.

Central Bureau for the Grocery Trade

The most important sales channel for fresh produce is the Dutch retail trade, represented by the CBL (Central Bureau for the Grocery Trade).

GroentenFruit Huis

The next link in the chain is represented by Frugi Venta, the fruit and vegetable trade association for the Netherlands. This organization represents importers, exporters, domestic wholesale traders and fresh vegetable processors (fresh cut/packaging sector).


GS1 Nederland plays a leading role in promoting the application of world-wide open standards and actively works on the international development of these standards. On behalf of Frug I Com, GS1 is involved with all activities having to do with the development, implementation and administration of the standards.


Dutch Confederation of Agriculture and Horticulture  

LTO Nederland, the Dutch Confederation of Agriculture and Horticulture, which is made up of LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB, represents nearly 50,000 agricultural businesses and represents their economic and social interests. Together with Frug I Com it is actively working to improve the electronic exchange of production chain information in facilities that can be used by farmers and market gardeners.

The Product Board for Horticulture  

The Product Board for Horticulture (PT) is a partnership between employers and employees with the aim of strengthening the Dutch horticulture sector.