It is our vision that both the sector as a whole and the individual companies may benefit from better use of information, from information becoming available more quickly and from sharing information more freely between the companies in the industrial column. When all these opportunities are acted upon, the sector as a whole will become stronger and more efficient and the number of potential markets will increase at minimum costs.


Frug I Com works hard on making and keeping available standards for electronic messaging, coding and the like for the AGF chain. This is absolutely essential to take information usage within the sector to a higher level.

Who are Frug I Com?

Frug I Com is a unique framework of cooperation in the chain of fresh fruits and vegetables, Fresh Produce, in the Netherlands. It aspires to increase the use of electronic information in the chain, based on a demand-driven and upstream approach. The partners in the project are Frugi Venta (trade and processing), the Dutch Produce Association (growers), Fresh Produce Center and GS1 Netherlands (standardization).


Who collaborates with whom?  


The ultimate goal is to establish electronic exchange of information between the participants in Fresh Produce by means of uniform labelling and electronic messages. Standards allow companies within the supply chain to make optimum use of the information available and to apply it to order processing, tracing of products, optimising logistics and quality improvement. The result? A faster and more efficient Fresh Produce chain which is less error-prone.

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