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Het Internet; de grote Gamechanger….
Het Internet; de grote Gamechanger….
Als er iets is wat ons leven, onze manier van communicatie met elkaar en onze manier van zakendoen heeft verandert dan is het wel het Internet. Het Internet is verworden tot een allesomvattend netwerk van communicatieapparatuur die continue met Het Net in verbinding staan. Dit betekent met iedereen en alles in de hele wereld  altijd in verbinding staan. Was enkele jaren geleden het internet vooral voor berichten sturen en informatie zoeken, nu is het dé plek waar mensen contact met elkaar zoeken, ervaringen uitwisselen en meningen verkondigen.  Lees meer...
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Altijd op de hoogte van het laatste ICT nieuws! 

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Frug I Com is in verschillende media terug te vinden. Hier vindt u een greep uit de verschillende publicaties die zijn gedaan over/met medewerking van Frug I Com.

  1. eLab in beeld, Chain, nr. 3, mei 2014
  2. Big Data, Primeur, nr. 5-2014
  3. "Hoe digitaal ben jij", AGF Groothandelstalent, 1-2013
    Een publicatie over de technische ontwikkelingen voor de sector
  4. Fruchthandel Magazine, nr 8
  5. GLN uitrol voor Conference peren naar China
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Game changers in Fresh Produce at the 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum

Game changers in Fresh Produce at the 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum

Zoetermeer, 27 October 2016 - Information (technology) is changing the game in Fresh Produce. Speakers at the 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum will show how this influences not only Food Security, Standards but also Uber for Pallets and Smart Return Logistics.

Impact of Information(Technology)

The world is rapidly changing. In each industry we see disruption, also in horticulture. Many technological changes are no longer linear, but exponential. Baby boomers turn into millennials, shops in pick up points and shopping baskets into meal boxes. Online retailing is growing rapidly and chains are becoming more transparent. Through social media, consumers pro-actively interfere with a product or service and affects the success.

With an increasing world population it will be a big challenge to provide sufficient, safe, healthy, affordable and sustainable produced food. Food security and food safety are important factors. Keynote speaker Steven Martina, CEO The Greenery, will discuss this challenge in “Impact of Information(Technology) on supply chain & customers in Fresh Produce”.

Standards in Retail: the Iper-case

Emanuela Casalini is a Barcode Specialist at GS1 Italy. She will be presenting Barcoding; a next level example by Iper. Iper, one of the major player in the Italian retailing sector, started to use GTIN and GS1 DataBar symbology to identify and to scan variable weight products sold at POS.

During this session you will find out what are the reasons of this adoption, the activities that the retailer had to organize to implement this project and the benefits of using GS1 Standards for variable weight products in the fresh food sector.

Uber for pallets

Every day “last minute” pallets are shipped around in almost empty trucks in fresh. By collecting this space in an online marketplace for shippers and carriers, companies can benefit from unutilized cargo space in trucks, in the same way people use the Uber taxi’s. Avisai Trabelsi will elaborate on this idea in the Uber-concept: a possibility for pallets?. His platform monitors available trucks with empty space from multiple sources, analyses it in real-time and produces “empty space” database for businesses to utilise.

Smart Return Logistics

Our produce is coming from around the globe and is also shipped around the globe. Market and production are international without borders. Logistics is therefore essential. In the afternoon breakout sessions, you will find out how Smart Return Logistics is developing. Robert Reiche, international ICT Project Manager at Euro Pool Systems, will be presenting about the Smart Return Logistics project.

These presentations will take place during the 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum on 30 November in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The full program is now available onlineRegister now online. Order your tickets now: Early Bird registration ends 1 Nov 2016!

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