Fresh Industry Tour  

Before the start of the conference a pre programme meeting was scheduled at November 30th , with an industry tour to the most sophisticated Dutch industry companies. We payed a visit to the new APM2 Terminal at the Maasvlakte2 at the Port of Rotterdam, importer Nature’s Pride, greenhouse technology company Priva and vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan .  




Nature's Pride  

An information driven import & export company..

Nature’s Pride is an innovative company that imports, ripens, packs and distributes exotic fruits and vegetables, berries and off season produce. They have growers around the world that have been working with them for years. In 2014 they opened a complete new trading, sorting, packaging and ripening facility. This facility is not only state of the art in use of (ICT) technology, information standards, etc. but it is also a certified  BREEAM-NL Excellent building. So it’s one of most sustainable distribution centers in Europe.

Mrs. S. Harris:
,,We are used to intensively cooperate in the supply chain. We build strong relationships with growers and customers and create a positive working environment in our company. That explains why we have been so successful in a very competitive market. Our modern IT systems provide the necessary fact based management information to constantly innovate our processes. The new standard we’ve set in product quality, service levels, labelling, our ready-to-eat programs and our connection with the consumer have made the difference”. 



APM Terminals  
The mission of APM Terminals Maasvlakte II is to enable safe and flawless container flows between sea and land. For this reason, all the processes on and around the terminal connect with one another seamlessly. We are aiming for optimal throughput by means of close coordination with every visiting vessel, train or truck. The basis for achieving this streamlined handling is cooperation on and outside the terminal.

During the first fase APM Terminals Maasvlakte II has 27000 refeer plugs on the terminal. 

Rijk Zwaan  

Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch family-owned vegetable breeding company. Rijk Zwaan is number five in the global vegetable seed market with a turnover of 350 million euros and a market share of 8%. Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them. It combines the huge genetic diversity that nature has to offer with continuous investment in R&D (approx. 30% of the annual turnover). This results in plant varieties with ever-better combinations of desired traits. Rijk Zwaan has more than 1,000 varieties in its assortment, across 25 different vegetable crops. Rijk Zwaan seeds are sold in more than 100 different countries through 27 locally operating sales subsidiaries and numerous distributors. To align its products perfectly with market requirements, the company maintains close contact not only with growers but also with the rest of the vegetable chain. Rijk Zwaan takes a personal approach and strives for win-win situations and long-term partnerships.
The head office is situated in De Lier, The Netherlands. In addition Rijk Zwaan has 30 foreign subsidiaries handling sales, R&D and seed production activities. 
Rijk Zwaan employs around 2,500 people and they are the company’s most important asset. The company culture is centred on involvement, team work and loyalty. As a result, Rijk Zwaan’s employees are highly motivated to provide all customers with top-quality seeds and a high level of service.


Priva is leading the way in the development and production of technology to control environmental conditions in greenhouses and buildings in an innovative way.  

In the building industry, Priva develops and manufactures intelligent building automation systems which ensure a healthy indoor climate and sustainable energy for the users of the building.   
Within the horticulture sector, Priva enables entrepreneurs to produce healthy, high-quality food and ornamental plant crops in open field and greenhouses with minimum use of scarce natural resources such as energy and water. 
Priva has offices in eight countries and is represented worldwide in over 100 countries via a unique international network of Priva dealers and partners. Jointly with local parties, Priva offers its customers a platform of high-quality hardware, software and service support.
A recent high tech innovation is Priva TopCrop Monitor, which visualizes crop activity based on an analysis of plant evaporation. Coming soon: a  leaf picking robot for tomato cultivation!
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