Please find the presentations from the 2nd EU Fresh Info Forum & Roundtables

Presentations Forum  

Horticulture 4.0; changing the game in Industry 4.0
M. Campolargo; European Commission

Agro; where is my container 4.0?
L. Hermans, Topsector Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen
R. van Slobbe, Topsector Logistics
P. Verbaas, Frugi Venta

Entrepreneur 4.0; data driven enterprises!
R. Huirne; Rabobank

Cultivation 4.0
M. Prins; Priva

Technology 4.0 the sky is the limit!
S. Sukkarieh; university of Sydney

Quality 4.0 = data-quality
B. Horsbrugh; Univeg

Supplier 4.0 = Knowlegde partner
J. Hulleman; Jumbo

Trade 4.0; Information is strategic asset
C. Waltert, SanLucar

Value chain 4.0; Simpel & fast
R. Limmen; Albert Heijn

Consumer 4.0; How online is the China market?
L. Zhao; Fruitday

Presentations Roundtables  



Is there a business(case) in fresh without ICT?

Track 1 Supply 4.0

Logistics 4.0:
Logistic innovations
Connected transport 4.0 

Port Logistics 4.0


Food Safety 4.0: 
T&T 4.0 = data
Farm records management for sustainable horticulture

Chain intelligence 4.0:

Fresh Stock management

Finance 4.0:

Order to pay 4.0
Invoice 4.0


Track 2 Point of sale 4.0

Market intelligence 4.0:
Twitter top ten for fresh
That's my data!


Business to consumer 4.0:

Business to Consumer 4.0 Finish on Tour


Online 4.0:
Different thinking in Online in Fresh
Social networks as your point of sale

Is fresh produce NL ready for Online 4.0?


Track 3 Cultivation 4.0

Fruit 4.0:

Fruit 4.0

Round table discussion robots for apples & pears

Harvest 4.0:

Selection 4.0
Pick & Pack
Handle with Care

Supply 4.0:

Finish on Tour

Presentations Roundtables  

Track 4 Standards 4.0

Label 4.0:

Do's and dont's at your label
GS1 Label implementation guide

Farm to Government 4.0:
Farm ID for sustainability
Standards for connection 4.0

Datasharing 4.0:
From field to Fork

Precision 4.0:
Geo nu
Farm digital 4.0


Track 7 Technology for Dummies

How to select and implement ERP in Fresh Produce: a first guide
Auto-ID; The next generation of labelling and Auto-ID
How to manage your customers in the digital economy

Track 8 Solutions challenge

Irrediance Greenhouse

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