Forum & Networking  
Industry forum with presentations, panel discussions and exchange about information management and cultivation, trade, logistics and retailing in Fresh Produce. On the floor an Information Market from Solution Providers on the edge of ICT and Fresh Produce. 
Can information KILL paperwork

9.45-10.45h  Can information KILL Paperwork? 

One digital language for customs?
T. Hesselink (World Customs Organisation) #WCO

Collect and share; open data for business!
R. de Louw (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) #NL

Paperless export?
B. Slot (Dutch food safety authority - CLIENT Export) #REGULATIONS

Can information SPEED supply?

11.15-12.00h Can information SPEED supply?

Yes, IT can..., if we want it!
T. Quets (Capespan global fruit marketing) #SA
"Europese importprocessen kunnen gesmeerder, de stempeltjes moeten eruit"
Read the interview on

Making money of digital information?
E. Heijnen (Caroz Morelnsight) #NLSPEEDDOCKING
Is Silicon Valley changing the Fresh Game?

12.00-12.30h Is Silicon Valley changing the fresh game?

When it comes to Food, technology is changing the game Forbes stated. Silicon Valley is more and more active in the domain of food and (ICT)technology. But how do they think (information)technology can change the domain of food and fresh produce?

Fresh in the digital world
N. Chatlein (Netherlands office for science and Technology) #SILICONVALLEY

Can information give sustainability?

13.45-14.30h  Can information give Sustainability?

By barcodes less waste? And more profit? 
C. Muller-Dechent (FoodLoop) #DATABAR

Be Transparant!

Can information DRIVE consumption?
14.45-15.45h Can information DRIVE consumption?

Learnings of LOVEmySALAD social network!
M. Boekestein (Rijk Zwaan) #SOCIALMEDIA

Information based changing menu's!
N. Koenderink (Wageningen UR) #RECIPES

Social listening for Fresh!
S. Bhulai (VU Amsterdam) #BIGDATA
How informationtechnology will CHANGE fresh!
16.15-17.15h Informationtechnology; for the next step in Fresh!

How is informationtechnology going to change the world? What does internet of things  mean for an industry like fruit & vegetables? And how is the total integration of all levls of  technology, the fourth industrial revolution effecting cultivation, production, trade and  supply. 
B. van Lier (Centric/Steinbeis University Berlin) #ICT

Program overview Forum



9.45-10.45h Can information KILL Paperwork?


11.15-12.00h Can information SPEED supply?

12.00-12.30h Is Silicon Valley changing the Fresh game?

13.45-14.30h Can information give Sustainability?

14.45-15.45h Can information DRIVE consumption?


16.15-17.15h Informationtechnology; for the next step in Fresh!



18.00-20.00h Drinks & More 

Solutions Market  
Please inform you about the latest developments on information(technology) for fresh. Visit the booths of:




  • Toshiba Tec Europe Retail
  • Inotec Barcode Security BV
  • The Tag Factory
  • Agriplace / People4Earth

Network Event  

18.00-20.00h  Drinks & More...

Network event at the hottest place in Europe for Food.

The WORLD OF TASTE  and surroundings in the hottest and newest European Indoor Foodmarket, just opened at october 1st.

"The MARKTHAL: an indoor food market, the size of a massive football pitch; with, in the heart of the market floor, more than 100 fresh produce units from all the food branches, and supplemented with flowers and plants. In the flanks of the arch, also on the 1st floor, food shops and restaurants and even a cookery school.

Above the floor, there are 10 storeys with more than 200 apartments; under the floor, there is a supermarket, a closed-off logistical heart for entrepreneurs, and underneath that some 1,200 parking places. A unique place for shopping, working, going out and living in."