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What better way to ask the delegates about the EU Forum. 
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2 december

10-17 H IFPS

Boardmeting & General Assembly of the International Federation for Produce Standards
More informationor interest in joining? Ed Treacy, Chair IFPS, 

10-17 H GS1 in Europe Fruit & Vegetable Group

Working Goup on Fruit & Vegetable Standards GS1 in Europe
More information or interest in joining? Klaus Foerder, Secretary,

18 H GS1/Frug I Com/IFPS Dinner

Dinner of the board of Frug I Com, GS1 and IFPS. Invitation only.


These companies support making the next step in the digital Fresh Produce supply chain!



  • Toshiba Tec Europe Retail
  • Inotec Barcode Security BV
  • The Tag Factory
  • Agri place / People 4 Earth
  • SRC system integrators
  • Rozis


  • AIM Nederland
  • RPO Automatisering
  • GreenlinQdata
  • Homologa
  • Lansa
Media partner  
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In association with  

Frug I Com and GS1 organise the 1st EU Forum & Round table in association with



EU Fresh Info
Knowledge, Networking and Workshops on Fresh information Management & Standards

Information about the product, the cultivation, the supply chain, is more and more key for the Fresh Produce, Fruit & Vegetable industry. Hereby business process, technology and information standards are developing fast in an international perspective. 

To create a forum, platform, to share knowledge, developments, needs, from growers, traders and retailers GS1 in Europe and Frug I Com are organising the 1st EUropean Forum and Roundtable on FRESH INFO(rmation management) in the first week of December in Rotterdam. 

The city and port of Rotterdam will be the meeting point for entrepreneurs, companies, specialists, researchers from cultivation till retail during the Forum, Roundtables and Networking Event. 
Program Overview
Pre-program meetings for participating communities like IFPS, GS1 in Europe Fresh Produce, etc. 


Industry forum with presentations, panel discussions and exchange about information management and cultivation, trade, logistics and retailing in Fresh Produce. On the floor an Information Market from Solution Providers on the edge of ICT and Fresh Produce. After the industry forum, the networkevent will take place at the Markhal Rotterdam. 

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Roundtables & Workshops with participants from all the different workings groups, projects and companiesin sharing what’s happening in those innovation, standardisation and ICT – projects. 
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Network Partner  

These are the Network Partners of the EU Forum:



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Sharing Knowledge gives Power  
Automation and data sharing are becoming increasingly important in the fresh produce chain. Not only does the market tend towards closed chains, trading companies are also turning into service providers and an increasing number of relevant information is starting to travel vertically through the supply chains. Knowing the product and its producer has become of vital importance for international retailers. In reverse, producers need to know as much as possible about the consumer and its clients. Every self-respecting fruit and vegetable supply chain focuses on this matter.

Internationally acknowledged standards are of utmost importance for the Netherlands because we are a key player in the European Agri Food Network and a very large part of its horticultural products are exported. This is why Frug I Com, Foundation Platform Fresh Chain Information Management has been at the forefront in establishing these international standards and in encouraging more international cooperation in this area. This in good cooperation with GS1 Nederland, GS1 in Europe, International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) and international retail. 

It is great to see that Frug I Com is organising the first EU Fresh Info Forum and Congress in Rotterdam,  which is supported by a number of sponsors. All aspects surrounding computerization and data standards will be addressed here.  An impressive list of highly experienced speakers from 4 continents are prepared to share their knowledge. A visit is an absolute must for everyone involved in the ICT business sector or the fruit & vegetable supply chain. 

Knowledge sharing gives power to every sector. Now, let us use this power! 

Hans van Luijk, 
Chairman of the Board of Frug I Com

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